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Sporting & Co-Curricular

The school is pleased to announce that St Leonard’s has been awarded a Quality Mark for Physical Education & Sport. This award recognises the commitment and hard work of staff and pupils in both curricular and extra-curricular PE and Sport.
The afPE Quality Mark recognises the significant difference that high quality Physical Education and Sport makes to the learning and wider experiences of children and young people both within the PE and across the wider curriculum.
All young people are entitled to benefit from a high quality physical education and there is significant evidence to show this supports other learning right across the curriculum. It also contributes to healthy and active lifestyles, improves emotional well being, reduces poor behaviour, increases attendance and develops key skills such as leadership, confidence and social skills.
Special thanks are due to the PE department and the numerous pupils who benefit from the experiences they provide. Thanks are also due to the parents who support, collect and encourage their sons/daughters in the various sports on offer at St Leonard’s. It is a great tribute to all involved to receive this external recognition of PE and Sport in the school.



Sports thrive at St Leonard’s. Football is the main sport for boys and Netball the main sport for girls in the Autumn and Spring terms, with Cricket, Tennis, Rounders and Athletics being the main activities in the Summer Term.
The school has good facilities for all major sports and the changing facilities have recently been refurbished. You can discover more about the PE Department of St Leonard’s in the academic section of our website.

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