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School Meals

School Meal Charges 1st September 2023

Our Food

Our meals are freshly prepared each day and we offer a variety of nutritious food for breakfast, break and lunchtimes. Our seasonal menus are changed twice a year and we work with the pupils to tailor meals to their tastes.



Our seasonal menus run on a three-week cycle. The new menu and price list for September 2022 are available here. The cost of a meal deal is currently £2.35 and will rise to £2.40 in September.


Cashless Payments

We operate a cashless system which reduces the need to bring money in to school and helps to speed up queues. Every child is given a card which provides access to the account and is used to make payment. You can top up your child’s balance online and pupils can check their daily balance on one of the terminals in the porches.


Free School Meals

If your child is eligible for free school meals, they will receive a daily amount of £2.40 This will be automatically added to their account at 11.30am each day. If your child would like to buy other items at break or lunchtime, you can add extra funds to their account.




Price List

Menu Cycle


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